Saturday, July 18, 2009

Surgery Is Over

Close to 4 years later, we have some progress concerning our infertility issues. I feel so grateful, I want to share. Why share this? With infertility, you can't give or gain enough support. By sharing my story with other women, I hope others will see they are not alone regarding their questions, hurt, pain, and more questions.

About a month ago, I found out I had 2 polyps in my uterus. (Had - meaning I am now polyp free). I underwent a hysteroscopy this past Thursday, which in lay terms means going under, having the polyps removed, and waking up with no clue about what just happened. I received great care from my wonderful OBGYN to the team of nurses and anesthesiologists at Baylor Frisco. I'm very thankful my nurse administering the needle into the vein in my hand waited for my OBGYN to distract me before doing it. She had skills.

I did have a cool encounter in the recovery room after my surgery. Barely awake, I heard my sweet nurse say to me, "I have had to go through some of this myself." She mentioned something about her children and I asked, "How many do you have?" She said she adopted twin girls from Russia. Not only did the Lord put someone in that moment who could relate with where my heart has been for awhile now, He also allowed me to share with her our plans to adopt. It was a spiritual comfort during a time of physical discomfort.

Now what do we do now the surgery is over?

I am low on my progesterone levels, which I'll discuss with my OBGYN in a couple of weeks. The low progesterone levels seems to be more common these days in women my age from what I understand. I look forward to having my body feel normal again, and I am hopeful for whatever God has planned for us.

What about you? Can you relate?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to Journeymark Cards & Gifts

What is this blog about? Giving love, support, and care to those who are adopting and the adopted. Simple, right?

One look at my profile and you might realize I'm a sucker for happy endings in books and movies. My husband Chris and I were married over 10 years ago. It didn't take long for people to begin asking us when we were going to have children. "Did you really just ask that?" I thought every time. I soon learned to rattle off a safe answer. "About three years". That seemed to satisfy the masses while I went on learning from and enjoying the times we had together as husband and wife (even the tough ones).

We had talked about having kids before marriage (the talking, not the having). Even then, we said we were both open to adoption. Well, my constant reassuring to those who asked about "three years" soon hit another "three years". With other things to focus on (jobs, school, etc.), we never took time to wonder if we would have any issue getting pregnant. Over the past four years, infertility has become an unwelcome roommate in our home. Three OBGYNs later, we feel we are finally getting some answers and a plan to move forward. Although we are still hopeful for the chance to conceive and give birth naturally, over this time, God has nurtured another plan within our hearts. This plan has everything to do with adoption.

We currently pray about, read about, and talk to those who have adopted. While celebrating the adoption anniversary of their daughter with some friends, I went to look for a card which would say something meaningful about adoption. I found nothing. In this moment, I felt God was telling me to do something about that. I knew I was to make cards and gifts which specifically mark the journey of adoption. Soon after, through prayer, counsel, trial and error, God began to reveal more of how I was to go about this new endeavor.

In researching adoption, most families are not able to adopt due to the lack of funds. Adoption costs can range from $8k domestically to $30k internationally. For someone desiring to adopt, the cost seems daunting. Our desire at Journeymark Cards & Gifts is to help raise funds for families who have begun the adoption process. 10% of every item sold will go towards an adoption savings fund. Even if we can help one family adopt and bring one child home, this business will prove successful.

So, please take a look at the products we have to offer at If there is anything you desire that you don't see at present time, let me know at

I'd love to hear your feedback.

May your journey be marked with joy!