Friday, September 25, 2009

Memories of India

Over the past three years, Chris and I traveled to India twice and have had our world view changed.

We fell in LOVE with the people of India. I have never experienced such hospitality in my life, and I grew up in the hospitable south. The Indian people we met often gave of the very little they had, whether sharing a bag of chips, a bottle of coke, or serving the best chai tea I have ever had (beats Starbucks any day).

But overall, it was the poor, homeless, and orphaned children who stole my heart. I wanted to share some pictures. I will never forget the girls in this first photo. The older sister is caring for her younger sister. She asked for food, not money. The people in our group gave her the food we had in our backpacks and she immediately began to feed her sister some crackers.

This child is in one of the slum houses. As you can see, no pants, very cold outside.

School Days

My hubby with his sea of admirers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raising Funds for the Loucks Family

Family and Friends,

I have recently found out about the Loucks family and we have an amazing opportunity to help them raise funds for their adoption. You may find out more about them here:

There are three collection dates - October 1, November 1, and December 1.

Here is their first request beginning October 1:
"We need your cans and bottles to recycle! We are raising funds for our adoption of a baby boy (or two) from Rwanda. We need your prayer and support. Collect the recycling, take it to the recycling center and donate the proceeds to our adoption."
Simple enough, right? You may send an email to Trina at for a mailing address for all the money you are helping to raise. :)

In addition, Journeymark Cards & Gifts will offer an AUCTION each month to help raise funds for this sweet family. The first auction will be for a toddler blanket (a large one at 60"L and 44"W) with a toddler pillow to match. The bidding will start at $20.00. You can choose from any of the sweet cotton flannel fabrics we offer. Email me at The bidding starts now and will go through October 31. I will update where the bidding is each week. Good luck!

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers as this family moves forward in their adoption process.

Much love,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Changing Launch Date to Oct. 15

Ok, so I had to come to the reality that I needed a couple more weeks to launch the site. Since this is all new for us, I appreciate your patience. We had my brother's wedding this past weekend, and it was absolutely incredible.

Here are some of the pics from the wedding. Congratulations Bobby and Christy Chandler.  Enjoy!

Rehearsal Dinner

How beautiful is Christy?

Blurry, but I love this shot.  Bobby, you are pretty good looking too.

Has it really been 10 1/2 years?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One long month

For anyone who has taken or takes clomid, letrozole, or any other med to help stimulate fertility, then wait a few days, take progesterone and wait again - did it not seem like the LONGEST MONTH ever? I count each and every day, actually keeping it on a calendar because I get confused on which day I am on, and wonder "could this be the thing that works?"

My question to you - anyone who might be reading or understanding this - What were some things you did to keep your mind off the long month (wait)?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fee Reduction on Russian Adoptions

A friend sent some information to us regarding Russian Adoptions. If you or someone you know are beginning the process to adopt from Russia, this may be very helpful.  Here is the breakdown.

David Mexcur at New Hope Christian Services mentioned they have recently started the following program:

SAVE $4000 ON THE COST OF YOUR RUSSIAN ADOPTION WITH THE SERVICES OF NEW HOPE CHRISTIAN SERVICES. Families starting with New Hope between September 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 and completing their document preparation within six months of the application date qualify for a fee reduction of $4000. THIS FEE REDUCTION IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

REGULARLY SCHEDULED USER FRIENDLY "Breakfast with the Directors" followed by a Document Preparation Workshop begins October 17, 2009 at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Concord, NH. This is an excellent time for interested new families to meet the Russian Adoption USA team, and for New Hope families beginning their document preparation to learn first-hand how to go about this phase of the adoption process. 

Now in production for use by New Hope families, CONSUMER'S GUIDE for saving money in document preparation, travel and accommodations and other non-agency expenses associated with international adoption.