Monday, November 29, 2010

Latest with Ukraine Adoption

Hey everyone,

We heard from our agency today with the following update:
"During the Thanksgiving break, we received new, updated information directly from Ukraine, that the judiciary committee of Parliament rejected bill 4313 after coming to the conclusion that the bill is in contradiction with other Articles in the Family Code of Ukraine. This took place after Joint Council sent us the overview of events, and we assume that this is why the new development was not mentioned in the above notice. Certainly, the opinion of the judiciary committee is very important, and always has a big influence on the final decisions of Parliament.

We also were notified that Parliament has scheduled a final vote to take place on December 16th. A large group of lawyers, including some who work as adoption coordinators, are preparing a petition to be presented prior to this final hearing. The purpose of this petition is to emphasize the importance of keeping international adoption open without any disruptions."

The situation continues to change. Pray that December 16th will mark the end of this uncertainty, and Ukrainian adoptions will continue. These children need a home, love, and a family to call their own. Please continue to pray over us as we are trying to figure out how to move forward - with Ukraine or a domestic adoption.

Much love,

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  1. PRAYING!!!!!! God PLEASE!!!! All of these children need families!!!!!!!!